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Windjammers 2

Windjammers 2 PC Free Download

Windjammers 2 Free PC Download is a game dependent on the verbose Flying Power League, a certified circuit including buff competitors throwing Frisbeeser, flying circles. This is unquestionably not an unmistakable round of catch; your standard goal is to be the fundamental individual to appear at 12 focuses in best-2-out-of-3 sets. You do this by throwing a plate over the net to a domain where your rival can’t get it or by throwing it into an objective.

Windjammers 2

Each stage has various objectives that are worth undeniable point respects relying upon their upon field an area. Windjammers 2, similar as its model, is volleyball meets Pong. Regardless, don’t allow that semi-hacky relationship to hold you back from playing. Windjammer 2 is unfathomably fun.

Windjammers is a game played from a hierarchical point of view. Like ice hockey, players are enriched to shoot a frisbee at the objective zone of the foe endeavoring to score. In the game, players can pick various stages and characters.

Windjammers 2 Free PC Download, scarcely any characters from the chief game, including Wessel, returns for the side venture. Each character has their own attributes. For, a few characters have more consistent control than others to the inconvenience of speed. There are EX Moves, which are marvelous forces can be authorized for advancing affiliation focal core interests. Both single-player and neighborhood multiplayer modes are included.


Following 25 years, tossing flying plates at your adversaries is still pretty much as cool as back in the days. Branch off of the NEOGEO club praiseworthy Windjammers, Windjammers 2 is the ideal blend between what you revered about the astounding title and shimmering new mechanics.

  • Persevering, key, simple to change yet difficult to ace: Windjammers 2 follows the strategies for the essential scene and brings back what makes the Windjammers strategy a puzzling fun and certified game!
  • New challengers, new stages, faultless mechanics and marvelous new force moves will make your head turn and update your windjammin’ experience. Master the slapshot, dropshot, the skip, the squash and the incomprehensible EX MOVE, and like the kickass soundtrack coming straight out of the ’90s.
  • “Soyez prêts !” It’s an ideal event to meet the French jazzy energetic and angry Sophie De Lys and her super moves. One clear bearing: pick the correct system.
  • With his surprising graph, the Canadian legend isn’t here to joke around. He’s set up to blow anything out of his way with just one toss. Klaus Wessel, you’ve been encouraged.
  • Preeminent aficionado of Steve Miller, Jao spent his pre-adulthood in Brazil seeing the chief Windjammers’ own his enemies on the jammin’ court, and it’s as of now his event to rule. His best weapons? His speed and head-turning tosses.


Following a time of hard arranging, Klaus Wessel, regardless called the Colossus from Germany because of his astonishing shots, is back and organized to show Max Hurricane who’s the most grounded jammer alive.

  1. Kickass hand-drawn 2D turns of events
  2. Sparkling new characters and stages
  3. Slapshot, dropshot, EX move, sway and pound… a gigantic stack of new advancing cooperation mechanics for a total new windjamming experience
  4. Rad tracks to headbang like a man
  5. Close by and Online multiplayer


  • Working framework: Windows 7+
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Processor: Intel i5+
  • Delineations: NVIDIA GTX 960/Radeon HD 5750 or better

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