Tesla’s New Car Has A Gaming Option As Powerful As The Next-gen

Although with limitations, since the ideal is that the driver does not have any distraction, today’s cars have different multimedia options to make transfers more bearable and fun. Obviously, at a higher price, better devices and in the case of Tesla, it is clear that one of its bets is on video games. Recently, the revelation of a new model gave the gaming industry something to talk about as it highlighted its power in that area to run The Witcher: Wild Hunt , as well as other titles.


Tesla’s automobile division recently presented the Model S 2021, a vehicle that costs more than $ 100,000 USD and that within all the technological options it has, boasts its power to deploy video games with the same capacity as a console. new generation. In that sense, the Model S sports its Tesla Arcade service, which guarantees access to some video games such as The Witcher: Wild Hunt, Cuphead, and Fallout Shelter, but as for this variant, its power reaches up to 10 Teraflops.

What happened then? Well, the comparisons were inevitable and as Geoff Keighley, producer of The Game Awards, pointed out, Tesla’s 2021 Model S is at the height of Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S, of course, as long as you only talk of his ability to run games and that’s it.

The relationship of the Tesla division in charge of its automotive offer with video games is not new and the company has tried to integrate gaming options in its best models to give an interesting bonus to customers interested in their vehicles. In fact, in 2018 Tesla and Elon Musk showed how easy it was to update the operating system of their vehicles to run a game, this time Stardew Valley. 3 years after that, we talked about being able to run The Witcher: Wild Hunt and get on your own with the power of a Next-Gen console.

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