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Earthworm Jim 2

Game makers actually need to be keelhauled for abandoning ship on 16-bit techniques and leaving tens of millions of players excessive and dry. Because of Playmates, nevertheless, Genesis house owners simply would possibly worm their approach out of their despair this 12 months.

It is Him, Jim

Earthworm Jim 2 picks up the place the final Jim left off. This time the dangerous chook house villain, PsyCrow, has put the snatch on Jim’s girl, Princess What’s-Her-Name, to marry her himself. Jim’s out to make ol’ Psy eat crow.

In some ways, the motion/journey gameplay, whereas assorted, traipses by way of acquainted territory…however they’re such enjoyable and humorous locations to be! The ten worlds provide assorted challenges that maintain the motion recent and the problem maxed.

The essential side-view motion’s a blast. Our earthworm hero runs and weapons by way of unusual extraterrestrial worlds. Jim finds an arsenal of high-tech weapons littering the panorama, together with mega plasma blasters, homing missiles, and the three-finger triple-shot gun. His commonplace weapons, in fact, are the acquainted Machine Gun and the Worm Whip, the place Jim’s Powersuit makes use of him as a weapon. All of the primo {hardware} is critical to blow away a gang of dangerous beings that features evil cats, extraterrestrial circus performers, and blunderbuss-wielding octopi.

Because the Worm Turns

The management boys should’ve put in additional time on Jim 2 as a result of Jimbo strikes by way of all kinds of gameplay eventualities with the model, grace, and precision. As an example, in Lorensen’s Soil, Jim carries the combat to a way-out underground degree worthy of any worm’s earth-moving endeavors. Utilizing an electrical sandblaster, Jim pulverizes dust and rock to burrow to the floor as pincer-head termites, icky larvae, and different underground dwellers assault him.


  • Throughout goo jumps, press the directionals towards your soar to increase your vary.
  • In The Flying King, you possibly can shake off the pigs by quickly urgent Button C.
  • To beat PsyCrow in Pet Love, maintain your eye on the pup closest to the gang and by no means miss the bomb.
  • In Lorensen’s Soil, nailing the soil overhead with the blaster creates mounds that will provide you with higher elevation if you soar.
  • In The Flyin’ King, at all times bump the balloon bomb onerous to push it ahead so far as potential.

In floating ranges like Inflated Head, Jim morphs into issues just like the Blind Cave Salamander and Inflatable Head Jim. Right here you should compensate for weightlessness as you information Jim by way of mazelike passageways.

There’s even a shooter degree known as The Flyin’ King. Utilizing a 3/4-overhead view, you assist Jim to nudge a balloon bomb previous such aggressive antiworm weapons as pig catapults and on to a nasty finish boss.

  • Earthworm Jim was born on June 9, 1994.
  • In The Flying King, use the machine gun to clear the inexperienced goo balls out of your path.
  • The bubble gun is ineffective. In the event you seize it, use it up and ditch it shortly.
  • Within the very starting of the game, there is a Jim 1-up to the left.

In case your humorousness leans towards the depraved, you may benefit from the finger-whacking Pet Love bonus rounds. As PsyCrow tosses helpless puppies out of a window, it’s a must to maintain them from going “splat” by working beneath them and bouncing them off a giant marshmallow.

Earthy Graphics And Sound

Earthworm’s visuals are killer from the bottom up. The star of the graphical presentation is Jim himself, who retains issues goofy with splendidly wacky faces. He seems crazy to start with, however, he additionally pulls assorted smirks, grimaces, and shocked seems all through the game.

As in each Jim game, there’s additionally a ton of weird stuff equivalent to falling grandmas, flying pigs, and end-level cows. The animation’s on overdrive, so generally, you are feeling such as you’re taking part in an interactive cartoon.

Worms haven’t got ears, however, yours are in for a deal with. The music rolls from rock to classical. You even hear Scottish and Spanish influences within the tunes. The consequences are beautiful with a cacophony of yells, screams, whoas, and primo weapon blasts.

  • While you see goo overhead, it often means not swinging (press Button C twice) will lead you to a goo-die.
  • Grandmas at all times fall in a predictable sample.
  • In Lorensen’s Soil, your sandblaster can seize the timers, too.
  • Strive to retrace your steps generally. You would possibly discover new power-ups in areas that had been beforehand empty.

The Conqueror Worm

If you would like an excellent exercise, the signal on with Jim. It worms your coronary heart to discover a 16-bit game this good.

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